Componenti Ottici e Assemblati

MIC connettori meccanici montabili in campo

With proven field-installable connector technology, fibre terminations using Optotec MIC connectors are fast, easy and reliable. They are intended for field installation (no need for fibre splice management), repair and maintenance.Optotec field-installable connectors high-precision mechanical splice technology enables fibre optic networks to be installed quickly and cost effectively. Installation is very easy as strip, clean, cleave, insert and crimp! The factory polished ceramic ferrule provides superior quality for end-face geometry, offering a higher grade of performance for every field terminations. Optotec propose a full range of field-installable optical connector standard, fibres and cable (both standard and small-form-factor types, both PC and APC, both for 900 µm and for 3.0 mm reinforced cable). They are available for MM fibres and for SM one with superior optical and mechanical performances. With fast installation time (less than one minute) and low insertion loss, Optotec MIC system provides a good alternative to fusion splicing.

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