Componenti Ottici e Assemblati

FIC connettori a fusione montabili in campo

Optotec’s new connector termination system allows for unique performance and flexibility in the field. This new connector conception eliminates the need for field polishing and reduces needed spaces for splice management in boxes and subracks at the premises. The most difficult task for splicer operators has always been managing the fibre upon splicing completion. The FIC connector termination feature eliminates the need for splice trays resulting in easier fibre management, reduced storage requirements and faster installation times. Optotec FIC connector allow for easy field repair of pre-terminated splitters, fan out, raised cables and drop terminals. Optotec’s factory polished ferrules with pre-cleaved fibre stubs are spliced onto the field fibre utilizing special proprietary ferrule holder and fusion splicer. Once spliced, the FIC connector is easily assembled by using a process that requires minimal skill or training. Optotec FIC connector termination process requires no polishing or epoxy, increasing the quality and consistency of field connector termination. Total installation time is greatly reduced compared to traditional methods.

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